Keogh Accounts

Pension Plan for Self-Employed

Secure the retirement that you and your employees deserve. A Keogh Account helps self-employed individuals or small businesses reach their retirement goals.*

Contribution limits are higher than IRA limits and earnings are tax-deferred** until withdrawal. Plus, our team of experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Pension plan for self-employed individuals or small businesses*
  • Earnings are tax-deferred** until withdrawal
  • Higher contribution limits than other retirement plans
  • Reduces taxable income of the contributor
  • Variety of plans available to meet your needs
  • $500 minimum deposit to open

*Available for unincorporated businesses such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and LLCs. Not available for independent contractors.

**Consult a tax advisor. Penalties may apply for withdrawals made before 59 ½.